As we swing into summer, it's important to make sure your hair and skincare routine adjust as well.  There are three products that get the most use here at our house during the summer months.

1) Bubble Bath Body Wash - This body wash is so gentle that it can be used daily and won't dry out even the most sensitive of skin.  We have one with us in our pool bag at all times.  We spend a lot of time swimming around here and it's important to make sure that your skin is free of the harsh pool water after swimming.  We bring this and our bath gloves and two squirts gets the job done!

2) Moisturizing Aloe Lotion - This lotion is perfect for summertime.  It's gentle yet super moisturizing.  It makes a perfect after-sun lotion.  We use it at least twice a day to keep those legs, arms and face looking soft and glowing all summer long!

3) Nourishing Conditioner - This conditioner is perfect as a leave-in conditioner.  For that reason, when we aren't using swim caps, we use it prior to pool water exposure.  It helps saturate the hair with good moisture, so that the hair doesn't soak up the drying chlorine.  We also use this after pool time when our hair is rinsed.  It adds back in that moisture and helps keep those curls nice and soft!

This bundle is discounted 10% like the other bundles.  Additionally, any 16oz Summer bundles will receive a free pair of bath gloves!

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