The famous Queen of Africa Naija Princess dolls come all the way from Nigeria, where they are outselling Barbie dolls!

The dolls are made in China, but then dressed in Nigeria in traditional clothes. Their hair is braided or styled in Nigeria as well. Every doll is unique! Each doll has a different hairstyle, different colour of earrings and shoes, and a unique dress.  

Your special doll will have a lovely princess dress of bright and sparkly fabric, with orange, red, pink/purple and gold patterns. All dolls have shoes and earrings; some have headdresses.

The dolls come with Nigerian names from the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. The Ibo Princess, Chinyere is from the rich dense rain forest of the east; the Hausa Princess Aisha is from the ancient palaces and kingdom of the Northern part of the Nigeria and from the cocoa growing rich sun-kissed waters and beaches of the Southwest comes Yoruba Princess Temilola. Each Nigerian tribe has a distrinct style from each other from the traditional to the head ties and hairstyles

Learn more about this social enterprise project from the founder of Queen of Africa dolls, Taofick Okoya:

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