Have you ever needed the perfect shower gift or just a little something to pamper a friend of family member (or even yourself) as you prepare to welcome a new baby?  Here's a bundle that's perfect for packing up and taking to the hospital.  Inspired by my newest niece's arrival, this bundle is scent-free, gentle yet effective, and very safe around baby.  

This pampering Mom-to-Be Bundle contains unscented 2oz bottles of each of these products:

1) Moisturizing Shampoo

2) Moisturizing Conditioner

3) Bubble Bath Body Wash

4) Moisturizing Aloe Lotion

5) Face Cleanser

6) Lip Balm


My sister got so many compliments on the clean, fresh, neutral smell of the products when she recently gave birth.  The nurses were particularly impressed when rubbing a big of the Lip Balm helped gently get off all of the adhesive glue that was left behind from IV's and bandages, leaving the skin soft and smooth and moisturized.  I've also sent this bundle to a new mom who is in the midst of a long NICU stay.  And gifted it at a family baby shower.  

If there's a product you'd like to swap, I'm happy to do that as well, just write it in the notes or email me!  This bundle also makes a great sample or starter pack to try out the various products!  These products will work for most hair and skin types (I haven't personally found one they don't work on).

$24.00 X


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