entle and nourishing: tame those tresses. This shampoo is incredibly luxurious, nourishing and silky. It won't dry your hair; instead, your hair will be so soft and clean. With the fresh scents available, this is sure to be a family favorite!  Everyone in our house uses this shampoo, regardless of hair type, age or gender, it really works wonderfully for all.

55% organic


Ingredients: purified water, lcertified organic blend of avendar, rosemary, horsetail plant, nettle leaf, sage, chinese ginseng, calendula, olive oil, camellia leaf, st. john's wort oil, algae, alkyl polyglucosides, cocamidopropyl betain, vegetable glycerine, hemp seed oil, vitamin b-5, guar gum, gluconolactone, citric acid, sodium benzoate, calcium gluconate, phthalate free scent


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