This silicone swim caps only come in one size. This size of cap should be appropriate for most children ages 5-10. Silicone caps are super stretchy - and they MUST fit tight. If they are not tight, then they don't keep the water out!

Swim cap tips:
  • Protect your cap from chlorine by washing it with a gentle soap and water after each pool use. Chlorine eventually deteriorates the fabric of the cap.
  • When putting the stretchy cap on, start at the front forehead and stretch the cap WAY over the head. It's hard to stretch it further once it is on.
  • Ears in or ears out - it's up to you. What is important is that the cap has contact with skin (no hair) all the way around the child's head so that it seals properly. You can also use a little clean water around the rim of the cap to help it suction to the child's head.
  • For kids with lots of hair, it's best to tie it up into a braid or bun so it isn't pulling the cap off the head.

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