The Josie Bundle is designed specifically with my brand new daughter, Josie (born in April 2016). 

This bundle features the products that are extremely gentle and moisturizing for your newborns sensitive skin.  We've been using these products on our sweet girl since birth and unlike previous newborns, she hasn't had any dry skin issues or cradle cap thus far!  

By purchasing these products in a bundle, you save 10% on all of the products and can choose whichever size and scent you would like for your son or daughter!


In this bundle:

1) Bubble Bath Body Wash - We use this as a head to toe body wash for her.  It's gentle and moisturizing and we love the mild Honey scent for her!  This works well on that baby hair as well!  She looks forward to her baths each night (and yes, it's gentle enough for daily use!) 

2) Moisturizing Aloe Lotion - We use this as a head to toe lotion.  Newborn skin is usually very sensitive and this lotion is perfect for that!  We use just a little bit twice daily and her skin has been perfectly soft.  I use a little bit in her hair and massage it in each night.  This is her favorite part of our routine!  It's not too heavy for baby hair so it is the perfect moisturizer!


These are the only two products we use on our sweet newborn!  It's important to us to have natural products touching her skin without any drying ingredients. 

$18.00 X


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