for sealing in moisture

Kinky curly hair needs a lot of love, tenderness... and natural oil! This lovely smelling 98% organic hair oil is the perfect treatment for scalp and hair, with a mix of sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and phthalate-free  scent. We use this oil as the final step in our moisturizing routine before we style hair.  We also like to lightly spray braids or the scalp at night, to soak in during the midnight hours, and cover up with a sleep cap. In the morning - voila! Silky smooth hair and happy scalp. Or, you can give your child's head a quick spray as they head out for their day. For short boy's hair, spray a little on your hand, and rub onto their head. It's that easy!

We also use this oil with drops of Tea Tree oil for a natural lice and tick repellent when those seasons are upon us!

99% Organic

Ingredients: certified organic blend of sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil; pthalatate Free Scent

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