The Anthony Bundle is designed specifically with my son, Anthony (and others with similar hair) in mind.  Anthony's hair is kept fairly short (1-2 inches pulled out).  He has 3a/3b curls that retain moisture pretty easily.  His hair routine is pretty simple as we keep his hair short.  But this routine would work well for others with similar hair texture.  You may just need to add in some of the conditioner as a leave in as well!

This bundle features the products that work well to keep his hair healthy and moisturized and his curls looking super handsome and soft!

By purchasing these products in a bundle, you save 10% on all of the products and can choose whichever size and scent you would like for your son or daughter!


In this bundle:

1) Moisturizing Shampoo - I shampoo his hair about 1-2 times per week.

2) Moisturizing Conditioner - After I shampoo (or instead of shampooing), I co-wash with the Nourishing conditioner.  I apply a tiny amount of conditioner to his hair and rinse it out after about a minute.  I then add a little bit as a leave-in after his shower.

3)  Hair Butter - After I've rinsed him off and run a quick comb through his hair, I add some hair butter.  Just a small amount goes a long way on his curls.

5) Curl Definition - I use the curl Definition daily for Anthony.  Each morning, I spritz his hair quickly with water and then I apply 1-2 squirts of of the curl definition to his hair.  I fluff up his curls with it and he's ready to go. 

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