The Anna Bundle is designed specifically with my daughter, Anna (and others with similar hair) in mind.  She very thick 4c curls.  Her hair is naturally very dry and requires a lot of added moisture.  Her curls are very tight and tangle almost instantly after combing them.  She has significant shrinkage.  Her hair hold cornrows and braids very well for weeks at a time. 

This bundle features the products that work well to keep her hair healthy and moisturized and neatly tucked into protective styles.

By purchasing these products in a bundle, you save 10% on all of the products and can choose whichever size and scent you would like for your son or daughter!


In this bundle:

1) Moisturizing Conditioner - I VERY rarely use shampoo in Anna's hair.  Instead, I co-wash with the moisturizing conditioner.  I apply this conditioner generously to wet hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes.  Then I rinse it out really well. It keeps her hair soft and healthy while cleansing out the dirt and product build-up.

2) Nourishing Conditioner - This is my leave-in conditioner for Anna.  It adds a lot of moisture to her hair as well as much-needed "slip" for detangling.

3) Hair oil - I add hair oil to her hair right after the nourishing conditioner.  Her hair needs a lot of added moisture and oil to stay soft.  The oil also aids in the detangling process.  I also spray her braids every other day with hair oil while it is in protective styles.

4) Hair Butter - Once her hair is detangled, I add a little bit of hair butter to each section.  This helps seal all of that moisture in and add in that little bit of extra moisture.  Additionally, I add hair butter to her edges every few days while it's in a protective style to protect her hairline and keep her hair smooth.

5) Braid Balm - This is my go-to styling product.  I rub a little bit of braid balm in between my fingers to melt it.  Then I apply it to the roots and the ends of her hair, working it down the hair section as I braid.  It provides great hold and it seals her hair to keep the moisture.

6) Soft Curl Definition - I add a small bit of this gel to the roots after the braid balm as I braid her hair to keep those tiny, kinky curls tucked in with a little bit of added hold.

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