Why does your child need to use sleep, swim or shower caps? .

If your child has kinky curly hair, wears protective styles or is prone to breakage or dryness, sleep caps, swim caps and shower caps are just what they need to keep those crowns of joy in good condition. We spend a few hours every other week braiding our daughters’ hair. If they didn’t use sleep caps, for example, we would be spending every few days braiding. Instead, the girls protect their braids with caps and we can spend our time having fun!

Sleep caps are a waste product, made from the textile offcuts from the swimsuit industry.

Cap Care

To keep your caps fresh and stretchy, wash them in cold/ warm water with a gentle soap, rinse, and lay them flat or hang them  to dry.

Sleep caps are bathing suit fabric, so please never use bleach or put them in the dryer.

Swim caps are silicone, so please wash them after each exposure to chlorine.

Shower caps are plastic and rayon. Hang them to dry after every shower so they don’t get musty, and occasionally hand wash them with gentle soap. Please never use bleach or put them in the dryer.

We suggest you have minimum three sleep caps, one shower cap, and one swim cap for a child. One is for sleep and naps and the second is for when the first one is in the laundry. The third is to keep in the car – ooo, that nasty car seat fabric!  We also keep sleep caps with our bike helmets for protecting braids from sticky vecro!

We use our sleep caps all the time! 

For hitting the road and flying on planes


At nap time


On the road – caps under bike helmets


Special events – under hooded costumes