I frequently get asked about our products and what their uses are.  I love answering questions, and emails are always welcome!  But if you're wanting to find that information on my site, here it is!  Here's a list of our products and how to get the most out of them!

If you're familiar with the LOC/LCO method of moisturizing kinky curly hair, I have included how it would fit into that protocol as well.  

I use the LOC/LCO method on my children each time I style their hair.  By using this method and putting their hair into a protective style, I've sealed in all of that nourishing moisture from the products I've used and their hair will stay soft and hydrated for as long as the style holds.

All ingredients can be found within the product pages.  All product links have been included below.



Moisturizing Shampoo - Our shampoo will leave hair feeling soft and clean.  It is sulfate-free, so it will not strip the hair of all of it's moisture and oils.  It will, however, clean all of that dirt and grime and product build-up that has occurred.  I generally shampoo my children's hair once a month.  This shampoo also works great on all hair types.  I use it on my own wavy hair and it gets the job done beautifully!

Moisturizing Conditioner - This is my favorite co-wash for my kids' hair.  A co-wash basically means washing hair with conditioner like you would with a shampoo.  I then work it through their hair, gently scrubbing the scalp and working it all the way down to the ends of the hair.  I then leave it sit for a minimum of 2-3 minutes, usually more like 5-10 to allow the hair to soak in all of the moisturizing goodness.  After letting it sit, I rinse it out until the water runs clear off of their head.  This conditioner also works great on all hair types.  It has tremendously helped my own dry scalp and leaves my hair soft and shiny.



Nourishing Conditioner - This conditioner is what I use primarily for detangling.  It has a lot of "slip" so it will be easy for the comb to get through.  It is also fairly thick, so a little bit goes a long way.  I run this conditioner through my kids' hair after a shampoo and/or co-wash while the hair is still dripping wet.  I will add nourishing elements to the hair as well as greatly help in the detangling process.  This conditioner works best on thick, kinky hair. 



Hair Oil - A special blend of sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil, this hair oil is soft and moisturizing to the hair.  I use this oil after my Liquid.  After I put the oil in, I begin the detangling process.  With the slip of the conditioner and/or detangler and the added slip of the oils, the hair is easily combed in small sections.  Additionally, I use this oil every few days.  I spray it onto their hair before bed and then put their sleep caps on. 


Cream (C)

Hair Butter - With Shea Butter in combination with hair oils, this Hair butter will help strengthen hair and promote growth.  The hair butter will help seal in that moisture and those natural oils to keep hair healthy and soft!  I use the hair better as the last step in the LOC method.  I rub the hair butter between my hands to melt it a little bit and run it through freshly detangled hair.



Once I have successfully moisturized and detangled the hair, I begin to style.  Two products help me achieve a crisp style with minimal frizz and fly-aways.  Depending on whether I'm braiding or twisting or allowing free hair or puffs, I use these two products for styling.

Braid Balm - This product is perfect for cornrows, flat twists, braids and rope twists.  With beeswax as its main ingredient, it has just the right amount of 'hold' and acts as a sealant to seal in all of that moisture.  I rub a little bit between my fingers and apply a little bit to the roots and a lot to the tips of the section I'm about to braid.  Then I begin braiding, working the braid balm through the braid as I go.  I apply some to the ends because these are the areas of the hair that loose moisture the fastest.  The braid balm seals in that moisture and helps maintain healthy ends which helps keep all of the hair healthy.

Curl Definition - Acting like a gel, our curl definition does just what it says.  It defines the curls and adds some hold to them, giving you beautiful curls for the whole day.  Apply to freshly moisturized/damp free hair, whether it's puffs or a whole head of free hair.  It will keep those curls looking defined and frizz free.  I use this product on my own wavy hair and it holds my curls nicely while still giving me movement and softness!  And it's the first gel that doesn't break my scalp out!!