I just placed an order, when will it be shipped?

All packages are picked up by USPS sometime between 1:30-3:00 CST.  If your order is placed before then on a business day, it will most likely be shipped out that day.  If your order is past that time, it will ship out the next business day.  I process orders each (business) day around 1:00pm and 8:00pm.  If you choose UPS shipping, I will send it within 24 hours of your order placement.

I would like a Tiny Try, but the one I would like to order isn't listed as an option.

I am happy to get you a sample of what you'd like.  If something you'd like isn't a listed option, you can choose "custom" and type what you would like in the notes section.  If it's not something I have or can get, I will let you know via email.

There are so many products to choose one, how do I know what will be best for my child?

You can always check out my "Hair Product Guide" under :About Us" tab.  There I explain how I use each product and what it does for my kids' hair.  Additionally, you're always welcome to email me (africasleeps@gmail.com) with information about your child's hair type and a picture of their beautiful curls.  I will do my best to help you figure out their hair needs.  Also, coming soon are some product bundles for different hair types/needs.  Bundles will offer a 10% discount on that set of products.

What size sleep cap should I order for my child?

Measure your son or daughter's head around where a sleep cap would fall.  You want to get a sleep cap that is 1-2 inches smaller than you child's head.  For reference, the sleep cap sizes are as follows:


Size Age Cap Circumference Cap Height
Baby 6mo-2yrs 12-13 inches 5 inches
Small 1-3 yrs 14 inches 6 inches
Medium 3-5 yrs 15 inches 6 inches
Large 4-6 yrs 16 inches 6 inches
Big Kid 4+ yrs 18 inches

  8+ inches