Here's the regimen we use with all five of our children for skincare  All five have very dry skin and our son and youngest daughter actually get infections if their eczema flares up, so keeping it healthy is certainly a priority!  Using these products has eliminated our need for steroids or heavy creams (with alcohols and other things that I can't even pronounce) on my children's skin.

We moisturize skin tried daily.  The very best time to apply moisture to skin is right after a bath/shower. 

SUMMER CARE: We have very humid summers.  So not as much moisture is needed, although we still moisturize daily, especially when we've been to the pool!  We use our Moisturizing aloe lotion after any bath/shower and before bed and first thing in the morning.

WINTER CARE: We have very dry winters.  Adding moisture is needed.  We moisturize twice a day in the winter.  In the evenings, before bed, we shower/bathe  then apply the Nourishing Shea Lotion.  In the mornings before getting dressed, we apply the aloe lotion or Shea lotion.

Bubble Bath Body Wash - I absolutely love this body wash.  It lathers nicely, but is gentle enough for daily use and won't dry out the skin.  It also makes nice bubble bath with a squirt or two in the tub.  Just two squirts of this for each child and they're totally clean, very fresh smelling, and they love to play in the bubbles when they're done.  I even use it on myself now and my skin is so much softer!

Hair Butter - Not just for hair!  With Shea Butter in combination with natural oils, this Hair butter is a great option for those extra pesky dry spots. Apply a thin layer and seal with lotion overtop to clear up those spots!

Moisturizing Aloe Lotion - This lotion is smooth and moisturizing to the skin.  Daily application will give you soft, moisturized skin, especially in the summer months.  It is not as heavy as the shea lotion, so it leaves you feeling refreshed!  We use this daily in the summer and we use it every morning in the winter. 

Nourishing Shea Lotion - This lotion is a much thicker, more nourishing option than the aloe lotion.  Packed with rich shea butter, this lotion is very creamy.  We use this in the wintertime before bedtime to seal in the oil that we've used and help keep skin soft and well-moisturized. 

Luscious Lip Balm - Our lip balm is so wonderful.  A combination of beeswax, shea butter, almond oil and apricot oil, this lip balm is not only super moisturizing, but it feels so smooth when applied.  Since it is full of food-grade ingredients, it's the one lip care item that I don't mind putting on my children or myself.  We haven't had chapped lips at our house with the daily application of our lip balm.  And the scents are just wonderful, one of my daughters opens it up just to smell it :-).  I also use this in a pinch when someone has a rough scab or an eczema spot that is itching them when we're out and about!  It certainly does the trick!