Hi! So nice of you to stop by!

Once upon a time, Africa Sleeps was started to make quality sleep caps available to children of African heritage.  What started as a single product business has now grown to an internationally recommended, organic hair and skincare line, specially design for children. We have literally sent our products to every continent, except Antarctica!

We are proud of how we run our online shop - we try to source the most environmentally and socially responsible products we can.  Additionally, our kids are the source and center of this family business.  They are the reason for this business and they love to help fill orders and add extra love into each package we send out.  We daily use each and every product we sell and our sweet children take great pride in knowing how and where their hair and skincare products are made.

A little about us... I, Karen, have been married for my wonderful husband, Jeremy for over a decade and we live in Central Illinois. We have five children through transracial adoption; four beautiful black daughters with heads full of gorgeous kinky curls and a handsome, curly haired black son.  We love spending time together being active, playing games, reading stories and visiting lots of fun places.  

Thank you for supporting our little family business!  Each and every order is filled with love and care!!

To contact me, email Karen at: africasleeps@africasleeps.com