These standard size Satin pillowcases help protect hair with their slick, smooth texture.  These are beautiful and so soft!  

We've been using these at our house for months and I'm happy to report that they're incredibly durable and still look brand new!  Not much holds up to my kiddos like that!  We use them in addition to our sleep caps, in case a sleep cap comes off or a child removes it during the night.  The slippery pillowcases also help keep sleep caps on as they glide smoothly during sleep.  We have also used these pillow cases over the backs of carseats to protect hair in the car.  

Product Care: Satin Pillow Cases have the same care as our Sleep Caps. Use gentle soaps, and wash them by hand or in cold water. Never use bleach! Not recommended to put in the dryer, they air dry very quickly.  Lay pillow cases flat or hang them on the line for a lovely fresh-air scent  Wash before first use.

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