Deep Conditioning/Hot Oil Treatment

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I don't know about you, but we're starting to think about school starting back up.  We've got school supplies to get, backpacks, lunch boxes, uniforms, etc... We also have to think about back to school hair.  

We like to start school with well-moisturized hair.  Summer can be hard on curly hair.  With the pool water, humidity, sand, dirt, woodchips and more taking their toll on our kids' curls, we like to start school with a good Deep Condition and Hot Oil Treament.  

1) We begin with a good shampoo, scrubbing hard to get the dirt and build-up out.  

2) Then we add in as much Moisturizing Conditioner as it takes to completely cover their hair.  (For my daughter with super dry hair, we add in Nourishing Conditioner too).  We let that stay in at least overnight.  

3) The next day, we rinse it REALLY well, with water as warm as they'll tolerate.  

4) Then we warm some hair oil up (I put some in a glass dish and sit the dish in some hot water).  You don't want it hot, we don't want hot oil burning anyone!  I just warm it enough so that it's slightly warm to the touch.  Then I coat their hair with it and cover their head with a shower cap.  I let that sit for a few hours and rinse.  Another way to do it is to spray with regular hair oil and then sit them under a warm dryer with a shower cap on.  Or use a handheld hair dryer with the shower cap on to warm up the hair/oil.  

5) I then do my usual LOC method routine (Nourishing Conditioner, Hair Oil, Hair Butter).  

6) Finally, I let their hair dry (whether overnight or with a cool hair dryer) and I style with lots of braid balm.  I often start school using synthetic hair extensions to get 3-4 weeks out a style (more if your kids are older!).

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