Africa Sleeps Product Hacks

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I love a product that will do double duty.  I especially love an all natural product that will do double duty.  Our hair and skincare products obviously work wonderfully for their intended purposes.  However, there are some products we use for multiple things!

1) Bubble Bath Body Wash - Aside from the obvious body wash and bubble bath, we use this to make a cloth wipes solution for the baby.  I put two pumps of this in a squirt bottle and fill it the rest of the way with warm water.  I shake it up and then spray the wipes as needed.  It works great and smells awesome!  

2) Braid Balm/Lip Balm - These two products have similar ingredients and work really great as an eczema relief balm.  When I have a kiddo with an extra dry spot, I lotion the area, then add some braid or lip balm on it.  It does a wonderful job of moisturizing and sealing in the moisture.  It has worked especially well on our 4 month old!  We use it daily after the shea or aloe lotion to seal it in.  

3) Braid Balm/Lip Balm - We also use this to cover up scabs or other "owies" to help keep them moisturized and reduce scarring.  It has also helped us on a pretty ugly looking diaper rash!

4) Detangler - We use our detangler as a tick deterrent.  A few of the ingredients in it are ones highly disliked by pesky bugs!  We've been hiking a few times this summer, once in the smokey moutains even and have remained tick free!

5) Hair Butter - This makes an awesome after-bath skin moisturizer in the wintertime with the dry air!  

6) Aloe Lotion - In addition to moisturizing skin, this makes an excellent hair moisturizer as well.  We use it primarily for the baby and for our son who has soft, loose curls.  It does a great job adding moisture and shine without leaving the hair greasy or being too heavy!


Do you have any Africa Sleeps products hacks?  I'd love to hear about them! 

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