Sleep Cap Sale!

- We've had computer and internet issues these past few weeks around here, so I've been running Africa Sleeps from my phone.  Not ideal, but it worked. Our computer issues have been resolved now and business is running as usual!


- This weekend I'm having a Flash Sale on all Sleep Caps!  Use Code FlashSale3 for $3 off of all sleep caps (code will apply $3 off to each sleep cap in your order).  The coupon code will be valid through Monday, February 29. 


- This weekend is one of my daughter's 5th birthday!  For her birthday, she wanted another black doll to add to her collection.  So we gifted her with one of the Queen of Africa dolls and an extra dress that we sell here at Africa Sleeps.  She received her doll this morning and was absolutely blown away by how beautiful this doll was. My daughter has carried it around all day and has shown it to everyone we've seen today! I love these dolls and my other daughters are excited because they're assuming (correctly!) that they'll be getting one for their birthdays in the coming months as well!  And in case you haven't noticed, the price of the dolls has been dropped.  Dolls are now $22 (they were previously $29).  This is mostly due to the exchange rate difference between here and Canada (the former owner was in Canada). 


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