Hair Styles: Two Stranded Twists

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One of my favourite "quick" styles to do on my girls is two stranded twists. Of course, it's only quick if you do big loopy twists with lots of hair! Smaller sections of hair take longer. But I love the soft looks of my daughter's hair in this style. I always get asked how to do each style, so I'll give a brief synopsis. First, of course, clean your child's hair well and condition. For "Spice," I used our new Red Apple and Cinnamon Moisturizing Shampoo, and Banana Coconut Nourishing Conditioner. (YES, these will be available soon!)

I picked her hair out with the conditioner in, and en rinsed it all out. Next, I part her hair into sections where I was doing the flat twists. Then I applied some of our Honey Almond Braid Balm at the root of each flat twist section before twisting it up. (Not too much! Just two chickpeas worth... It'll melt to the end of the hair.) I finished each flat twist with a couple of loose rubber elastics, and then continued the two stranded twist to finish. For the two stranded twists in the back and on the sides, I just add a chickpea amount of Honey Almond Hair Balm to the base of the hair strand (it will melt upwards as I twist..) then fasten the section with a couple of loose rubber elastics. Then I don't worry about the backwards twisting opposite way of hair stuff... It just confuses me.

I just device the hair in two and wrap the sections around each other. Voila! This hair style usually last about three weeks before it starts to look fuzzy or lock. However, we spent quite a bit of time in the lake, sooooo... It was two weeks :-) To take it out, I just carefully snip whichever elastics are still in (they have a habit of breaking, but the hair stays up anyway,) and then snip a little off the end of each twist while I'm at it. Might as well double up for a hair trim! And then the twists undo so easily, even if they've begun to loc. If you try this style (or want to show off any other!) please post a pic on our Facebook page.






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