Puff Balls

My kids absolutely love to read.  We are regulars at the library and we have an extensive collection at our house too.  For Christmas, one of their favorite gifts is new books. 

This year, I got them a book that had been recommended to me a few times.  I got them "Penny and the Magic Puffballs".  The story is super cute and it quickly became their favorite book in our house. 

The story follows a little black girl named Penny who is sad because she wants to wear her hair down and straight like others in her class.  She didn't like feeling different and she talked about this with her mom.  Her mom decided to give her beautiful puff balls in her hair.  They called them her Magic Puffballs.  Penny quickly learned that with the confidence that her "Magic" Puffballs gave her, she could accomplish great things!  She returned home from school excited about her puffballs and her beautiful hair. 

At our house, we talk about diversity constantly.  Even within our own 3 daughters, all black, there are huge differences.  Different hair textures, skin tones, likes, dislikes, strengths, etc... We discuss how our differences make us who we are and that our differences make the world a better place.  I want my girls to feel confident with who they are and how they look and always feel beautiful.

When I asked them what kind of hairstyle they'd like this week, they immediately asked for Magic Puffballs.  I don't do puffs that often because with three girls, they can take some time to maintain (moisturizing, detangling, re-styling).  But this week, I gladly gave them some cornrows into magic puffballs with some Valentine bead bangs and they couldn't be happier.  They paraded into school showing off their puffs to everyone.  I'll probably take the puffs down and do some rope twists in them for the upcoming week and I'm sure my girls will proudly show off their twists and barrettes as well. 

If you have a daughter with beautiful kinky curls, I highly recommend the book.  And while puffballs are still reserved mostly for special occasions at our house, this book and others have regularly reminded our girls that they are beautiful and their curls are something to be proud of! 

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