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So I've introduced our family a few times, but I thought I'd take a chance to introduce our Africa Sleeps' models (my children) individually so you can get to know them a little bit!  We are so very thankful for the gift of our children in our lives.  Our lives are forever better because of these four little people in our lives!! They're too wonderful not to share with all of you!

Agnes (5), Anthony (3.5), Mya (3.5), Anna (4.5)

Agnes is our oldest.  She is our outgoing conversationalist.  She could talk for days :-).  She loves people and is very quick to make friends!  She loves to color, is very athletic, and enjoys dance class very much!  She also is very smart and loves to learn.  School is one of her favorite places.

Anna comes next!  She is our more introverted, creative child.  Anna enjoys quiet activities, especially reading, drawing and music.  She is always singing and dancing and always has a story going in her creative mind! 

Anthony is our one boy and is commonly referred to as Mr. Charming.  He knows how to charm just about anyone; he bats his eyelashes and melts the crowd every time.  He is very, very good with names and remembers everyone he meets.  He loves cars and trucks!

Mya is our youngest and certainly makes her presence known around our home.  She loves to be mischievous and is great at figuring things out.  She is our ball of energy and loves to ride bikes, climb, do puzzles, and clean up. She also loves playing dolls!


I've recently added product bundles (groups of products that work well on different hair types that are always 10% off) and these bundles are based off of the various hair needs of our four children.  So as you browse the bundles, you can know a little bit about the kids they were developed after!

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