Match your child's skin tone! Brown bandages in store

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Many years ago, I first read The Invisible Backpack, a thought-provoking list of examples of systemic discrimination. Still, there is a long list of privileges that my black, Ethiopian-born children don't enjoy. Some are hugely important things are the kids not seeing people of their race represented positively in media, or not having access to national history that covers people of their heritage. But one just plain annoying thing is not having bandages that match their skin.

Now, thanks to Tru Colour bandages, we can cross one off the list. Tru Colour's tag is #diversityinhealing, and they've made sterile, fabric bandages in three skin tones previously neglected by the bandage industry. No longer do my daughters have to wear cartoon or beige bandages - now we can fix their ouches with a kiss and a beautifully chocolate brown bandage. We are proud to carry this innovative, thoughtful product as part of our Africa Sleeps bodycare line for black children!

Want to try Tru Colour's bandages for your family? Enjoy a $1 off, per pack, until the end of June, 2015 at Africa Sleeps. Just enter TRYTRU at checkout!

One of cool thing - you may or may not know that Africa Sleeps donates 5% of our profit to Vulnerable Children Society, the registered charity I founded and run in Ethiopia. Tru Colours has agreed to match our donations that results from bandage sales! How cool is that?

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