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My first trip to Morocco was when I was barely 20 years old, writing travel articles. On a budget of $10 a day (including the $3 hotel room) I fell in love with the beauty of the mountains and desert - the gorgeous architecture, the friendly people, and the enthralling spice markets.

There was nothing like the layered seasoning of the street food, full of olives, citrus, turmeric and mint.

Fifteen years later, I returned. This last time, I was speaking at an international conference about environmental education and green business. I saw another side of the country - I even was invited to dinner with the Princess of Morocco in the twilight hours, in old castle ruins. One of my few glamorous life experiences.

Invited by my new Moroccan friends to local celebrations, I was surprised at how multiracial Marrakesh was behind the scenes, and how Moroccans cultivated their own unique approaches to beauty. I bathed in a hammam, visited traditional herbal dispensaries, and even learned how to crack argan nuts at a women's coop, to make the world's most precious oil.

But what I loved best were the same sensory experiences - the cool of henna drying on my hands, the noise of the bustling souks, the fragrant spices in every dish, and the decadently sweet cups of mint tea.

These scents of citrus and mint, the attention to detail and an emphasis on natural personal care all inspired my Morocco Citrus Mint collection of Africa Sleeps hair and skincare products for children of African heritage. These amazing-smelling products are scented only with essential oils, making them appropriate for young children and people with scent intolerances.


From hair oil to curl definition, I hope you will love the sensory delights of Morocco! From now until July, 2015, please enjoy a 20% off coupon code for the entire Morocco Citrus Mint Collection. Enter CITRUS2015 at checkout. Thanks for supporting our family business!



PS: Pictures from my last trip to Morocco 

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