Two Sons: Two Different Hair Product Recommendations

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I got this email today, and since I’ve had so many questions about boys’ hair, I thought it might be helpful for me to share my answer.
Hi Arnica- wondering if you can help me out?  I have been looking at your new hair products and am interested but am not sure what to buy.  My son has the tightest curls I have ever seen!  His head was shaved when we came home and it is now about 2 inches long when it is stretched out.  It is very dry and brittle and is so hard to get through since  the curls are so tight.  His hair is soooooo different from his brother’s hair!  I am not sure what to do with it but would love to get more moisture in it and need something that makes it easier to pick through in the bath.  Any suggestions about what products would work best?

My answer! Note I have two different recommendations for her sons’ very different types of hair:

It’s amazing how different kids hair can be, isn’t it? If your son’s hair is super tight and you keep it closely shaven, my #1 suggestion is hair oil. We have Camomile Mint Hair Oil (moms love the herbaceous smell for their boys!) and Sweet Almond Apricot Hair Oil, which has the lightest wild apricot/orange smell. You just squirt a little into your palm, and (after he has brushed his teeth in the morning,) just snag him, and rub it right onto his head.Voila! It nourishes the hair and scalp. My Ethiopian friend started using it on her son, and then her husband kept stealing it, lol. So big boys like it too.
The other suggestion for just general care is a super dupe body lotion, if you don’t already have a go-to. Our Coconut Lime Nourishing Shea Lotion packed with shea butter is SO nourishing and creamy. Just softens the skin like nobody’s business. And fair trade shea from Ghana, of course.
Your other son, not to be left out, might like the Camomile Mint Hair Butter. It’s for boys with looser curls. Just the same thing for application. Scoop a dime’s worth out, rub on hands, and rug through hair. So lovely.


Hope that is helpful!!!


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