Winter Cornrow Care

Fall has arrived, and with it: dry air and dry skin. Cornrows are a wonderful way of doing your son or daughter’s hair. It’s a protective style and the possibilities for decoration are endless! I just did one of my daughters hair this week, and I have to say I love the traditional style.

However, fall and winter cornrows need different products and attention to keep the hair and scalp healthy in the chilly months. It’s all that dry air, changing weather… and don’t even get me started on winter hats! The solution? Honey Almond Braid Balm, and Lavender Lemon Hair Oil!

When I braid my daughters’ hair, I use a pea-sized amount of Honey Almond Braid Balm, at the beginning of each cornrow. Packed full of Shea butter and that little essential bit of beeswax, the Balm not only nourishes their hair,but also protects it against the elements.

Then as the weeks go by, I find that, in winter, their hair needs a little additional support. Enter: the most amazing hair oil! Every day or two, I spray my daughters’ cornrows with a little bit of hair oil. Some people like to spray it on at night, put a sleep cap on, and let it soak into their scalp overnight. Myself, I prefer to spray it lightly on their cornrows in the morning, and let it soak in as they walk to school.

My friends who have little boys and use our hair oil say that they simply spray their hands with a little oil in the morning, and rub it into their boys’ heads as they run by and out the door to school. Simple! And a great choice for an effective, nourishing and attractive boys hair regime.

A little warning on hair oil. Not all oils are the same! You have to read the ingredients. Some things are marketed as oil, but when you read the ingredients are really mainly silicone. Silicone will give your child’s hair a slipperiness and shine, but it doesn’t actually nourish the scalp or the hair. Besides, who wants to put synthetic silicone on their head?

Different kinds of natural oils are good for different types of skin. Jojoba oil, is excellent on Caucasian hair and scalp. But I find it is not right for African skin, and does really make a dent in dryness. Olive oil, on the opposite end, gives a wonderful sheen and lubricity, but doesn’t really soak in. Our hair oil is made of sweet almond oil, and apricot pit oil, both well known for their gentleness, and ability to soak in quickly. We use organic ingredients in our hair oil, and only essential oils for scent.

Some other uses of hair oil include rubbing into arms and legs for added shine, and soothing chapped elbows and knees. It’s the most useful hair product in your arsenal!

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