Quick up-do holiday hairstyle

This lovely sophisticated hairstyle is way easier than it looks. Inspired by the fabulous singer Janelle Monae, we often do a modified pompadour on the girls if we are pressed for time. It only lasts the better part of the week, but it was also only takes short amount to put in.

My simple instructions:

First, make sure that their hair is well picked out and loosened. My daughter had braids in directly before this style, but the small bit of Honey Almond Braid Balm inside kept her hair nicely nourished and untangled. So we simply unbraided the braids, gave her a good shampoo with the Citrus Mint Moisturizing Shampoo, and then quickly picked out her hair with the amazing-smelling Orange Cardamom Moisturizing Conditioner.

The only tricky part about this style is that I have to get my daughter to hang her head over a bench for the 15 minutes it takes to do this style. I find it much easier when she is lying down with her face against the bench, or even with her head hanging over. Simply, I do one big two stranded twist up the back of her head, starting at the base of her neck and ending close to the front of her hairline. You can also do a French roll, which is a little bit more sophisticated, but doesn’t stay in as well. Anyway, I twist her hair up to within half an inch of the front of her head. I save just a half an inch along the top of her hairline in the front. I sort of section this off like it was bangs. I finish the big twist with an elastic. Then I ball/bun up the remaining hair and pin it back into the twist or roll. Lastly, I grabbed the bangs hair that I have set aside, and drape it over the top of the balled up hair. I fasten the ends into the twist with bobby pins. Then I secure the whole big twist with bobby pins and make sure that those bangs are tucked in nicely in the crease of the twist. Honestly, I probably use 15 bobby pins! :-) But it lasts.

This time I used a little bit of Honey Almond Braid Balm smoothed onto the sides of her hair before I put it up into the twist. It just provided a little bit of hold and a little nourishment. But after the hairstyle was done, I also sprayed it with hairspray. I don’t sell hairspray, but I do recommend the fabulous wind powered, plant-based hairspray from Aveda. They make great stuff. It’s just expensive, that’s all.

Hope you enjoyed the style, and I would love to see what you do with Honey Almond Braid Balm!

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