Aloe Lotion

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Another of my favorite products is the moisturizing Aloe Lotion.  

I use this product daily for soft faces and hands.  It is a soft lotion that is not heavy like the Shea Lotion.  The Moisturizing Aloe Lotion is absorbed quickly so is does not leave you feeling greasy. This makes it perfect for those delicate faces and for regular hand moisturizing.  

It is also a great whole body moisturizer for the summertime. I love the shea Lotion in the winter because it provides heavy, long-lasting moisture for those dry, windy months. However, in the humid summer, my kids need a lighter, more refreshing lotion. The Aloe Lotion is perfect for that. We use it twice daily and always after pool time.

Finally, our Aloe Lotion makes a great after-sun product. It will keep sun-exposed skin moisturized and soft to help avoid peeling and dryness. 

I have recently been going through each product and pricing them out. As a result, most of my body care products have dropped in price pretty significantly. The Aloe lotion is one of those products!

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