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Rowan Family

Hi! So nice of you to stop by!

We started Africa Sleeps in 2011 so our African-born children and their friends could have access to the best sleep caps out there. We have two daughters who were born in Ethiopia, as well as a son “on the way” from Ethiopia. (Check out our family blog!) Our business was built by word of mouth, and we have customers from the USA, Canada, and Europe. In 2013, we dramatically expanded our product offering to include a full line of organic hair and bodycare products. Our product line has been met with rave reviews – and we are so proud of it.

We try to run our small business in the most responsible way possible. Our workshop is in a spare room in our house, and we have many green concepts integrated into our business, such as packing in reused materials, buying bottles made as geographically close as possible (Washington,) and using as many organic, wild-harvested and permaculture grown ingredients. Our principle is to disclose as much about our products as possible, so you can make the best health decisions for your child. So we list every ingredient on our labels, and have a list of which ingredients are organic. Our focus is local and global responsibility: we use fair trade certified organic shea butter from Ghana, and local non-certified beeswax from the farm down the road.

Your purchases not only support our second adoption, but also two fantastic charities. We donate 5% of our profit to Vulnerable Children Society, a registered charity helping children and families in Ethiopian.

Thank you for supporting our small business! We appreciate it if you would like us on Facebook and tell your friends!

Arnica and Jason Rowan

Kelowna, BC, Canada